Motel Roganac is located in Duga Resa, on a hill overlooking the town with a view of the idyllic landscape typical of this part of central Croatia.
Motel Dobra is situated on the old road to Rijeka, in the village of JarčePolje and has been a well-known stop for decades.
Restaurant Šangaj sits by the gas station and car wash at the entrance to town.
Be sure to take a peek into our special offerings to make your vacation and stay at our facilities more enjoyable, more fun and healthier…
You can book your stay by calling the number below or via e-mail. Or send your inquiry directly via web form.

+385 (0) 99 816 1728
+385 (0) 99 542 7726

+385 (0) 47 871 229
+385 (0) 91 449 9554


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